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Abstract into alerts

It is useful to have abstract into alerts, but it isn't a good idea to add abstract into citation. A option is to hack adding lines like those:

      my $fn = sub {
               my( $session, $dataset, $item, $info ) = @_;
               my $p = $session->make_element( "p" );
               $p->appendChild( $item->render_citation );
               #30-03_2005 TJL added 3 lines to insert abstract into alerts
               $p->appendChild( $session->make_element( "br" ) );
               $p->appendChild( $session->html_phrase( "eprint_fieldname_abstract_alert" ) );
               $p->appendChild( $item->render_value( "abstract" ) );
               $info->{matches}->appendChild( $p );
               $info->{matches}->appendChild( $session->make_text( $item->get_url ) );
               $info->{matches}->appendChild( $session->make_element( "br" ) );

In my installation those are the lines 378-390, into the sub send_out_subscription You need also to add the phrase 'eprint_fieldname_abstract_alert' into phrases-<lng>.xml You can download the modified version of from