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Right this is where im gunna tack down the plan for API 1.1 The current API is missing some useful stuff. for example there is no way to render phrases at the moment. dont know if thats a language thing or an XHTML thing. if its a language thing then we probably need to create a language class.

Thats good because we need to sort out all the various language methods into something sensible.

We also need to get Document, EPrint and User paired back to something sensible. In the next 20 minutes or so im gunna upload the list of sub routines at the bottom of the page and start using it to build a list of API calls in the style of Core_API .

Search is also in grave need of better documentation. Also why would you ever prepare a search and then not perform it? possibly that should go out of the api?


sub move_to_deletion
sub move_to_inbox
sub move_to_buffer
sub move_to_archive
sub generate_static
sub remove_static
sub clone # maybe not its sort of the same as $dataobj->clone...
sub has_owner
sub render

EPrint Subs

sub set_item_issues
sub render_issues
sub order_issues_newest_open_timestamp
sub fileinfo
sub render_fileinfo
sub create
# This will create sub objects also.
sub create_from_data
sub update_triggers
sub get_dataset_id
sub get_dataset
sub get_defaults
sub store_path
sub eprintid_to_path
sub clone
sub _transfer
sub log_mail_owner
sub get_editorial_contact
sub remove
sub commit
sub write_revision
sub validate
sub skip_validation 
sub prune_documents
sub get_all_documents
sub required_formats
sub move_to_deletion
sub move_to_inbox
sub move_to_buffer
sub _move_from_archive
sub move_to_archive
sub local_path
sub url_stem
sub generate_static
sub generate_static_all_related
sub remove_static
sub _htmlpath
sub render_preview
sub render
sub render_box_list
sub render_history
sub get_control_url
sub get_url
sub get_user
sub get_all_related
sub in_thread
sub first_in_thread
sub later_in_thread
sub all_in_thread
sub _collect_thread
sub last_in_thread
sub remove_from_threads
sub succeed_thread_modified
sub render_version_thread
sub _render_version_thread_aux
sub loop_error
sub get_type
sub user_roles
sub datestamp
sub in_editorial_scope_of
sub has_owner
sub obtain_lock
sub remove_lock
sub could_obtain_lock
sub is_locked
sub render_edit_lock

Document Subs

sub main_input_tags
sub main_render_option
sub doc_with_eprintid_and_pos
sub get_dataset_id
sub create
sub create_from_data
sub get_defaults
sub clone
sub remove
sub get_eprint { &get_parent }
sub get_parent
sub get_baseurl
sub is_public
sub get_url
sub local_path
sub files
sub _get_files
sub remove_file
sub set_main
sub get_main
sub set_format
sub set_format_desc
sub upload
sub add_file
sub sanitise 
sub upload_archive
sub add_archive
sub add_directory
subdirectory will be followed.
sub upload_url
sub commit
sub validate
sub user_can_view
sub get_type
sub queue_files_modified
sub files_modified
sub rehash
sub make_indexcodes
sub remove_indexcodes
sub cache_file
sub register_parent
sub thumbnail_url
sub icon_url 
sub render_icon_link
sub render_preview_link
sub thumbnail_plugin
sub thumbnail_path
sub thumbnail_types
sub remove_thumbnails
sub make_thumbnails
sub mime_type
sub get_parent_dataset_id
sub get_parent_id