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Manual todo list...

(make sure pages are linked in from Documentation after they are completed)

These pages need either creating, updating, or gutting of information to make new pages.


  • Screenshots for metadata (render, input, search)
  • Explain XML import/export (format + howto) - normal fields, multiple fields, compound fields, name fields, documents, files
  • Per metadata field: db cols, phrases (use boolean as guide, 'none' if n/a)


  • Contact
  • Installation
  • Getting Started
  • Entire_Manual -- do we want this?
  • Organisation_Hierarchy - update for EPrints 3
  • add sections on how to perform specific tasks.
    • update template
    • remove eprint type
    • add eprint type
    • ditto for users.
    • add field
    • remove field
    • etc.
  • This should be updated and part of the manual: Branding/Logos
  • HTTPS - not sure of how well 3.0 works with https - easiest to https the whole thing (shouldn't be _too_ hard...)
  • Troubleshooting - any of this still relevant? Maybe move it to TroubleshootingV2 page?


3 columns

the 3 columns doesn't look so good when you don't have your browser full screen.

I wonder whether it would be better going to two columns (or even 1)?

Ckeene 16:50, 18 October 2007 (BST)