Installing EPrints 3 on Ubuntu 6.10

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Download an appropriate EPrints Release

Setting up Ubuntu

This instructions assume a working Ubuntu 6.10 ("Edgy Eft") installation (or close approximation thereof). Some further remarks are added for installation on Ubuntu 7.04 (on 27 June 2007).

Install EPrints Dependencies

Install Apache and mod_perl. Some installations are coming with an apache1 or apache2 installation. Make sure that they do not interfere with your work. (The simplest solution is to remove them first.)

$ sudo aptitude install apache2 libapache2-mod-perl2

Ubuntu 7.04 comes with threaded apache2. Do not use threaded version, rather install the pre-fork one, see the Tech list 6940 article

U7.04$ sudo aptitude install apach2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-perl2

Install MySQL:

$ sudo aptitude install mysql-server

Install EPrints perl dependencies:

$ sudo aptitude install libxml-libxml-perl libunicode-string-perl \
  libterm-readkey-perl libmime-lite-perl libdbd-mysql-perl libxml-parser-perl.

In Ubuntu 7.05 the package libxml-libxml-perl is not complete, thus you need to install it from cpan. It requires two extra packages as well:

U7.04$ sudo aptitude install libxml2-dev gcc
U7.04$ sudo cpan XML::LibXML

Install Readonly (you will need to configure CPAN if not already done):

$ sudo cpan install Readonly

If XML::GDOME should be used instead of XML::DOM, you could try if the unofficial Debian package works for you.

Further Packages

You need further packages for the seamless work of Eprints; these might or might not be installed on the system:

Auxiliary programs (they might be needed before running cpan):

$ sudo aptitude install gzip tar unzip make lynx wget ncftp ftp

Programs for extracting content:

$ sudo aptitude install gs xpdf xv antiword elinks

Programs making pictures, formulas, etc.

$ sudo aptitude install pdftk tetex-bin psutils imagemagick

Configuring MySQL

It is strongly recommended that you set a root password in mysql:

$ mysqladmin -u root password <new password>

Create an 'eprints' system user

$ sudo adduser --system --home /opt/eprints3 --group eprints 

Add the 'www-data' user to the 'eprints' group:

$ sudo adduser www-data eprints

Install EPrints

Download EPrints 3. Unpack and install the tarball:

$ tar xzvf eprints-3.x.y.tar.gz
$ cd eprints-3.x.y
$ ./configure --with-smtp-server=smtp.yourdomain
$ sudo ./

The Ubuntu 7.04 kernel does not support the syscalls Eprints uses for determining the free disk size. Thus you must disable df as well:

U7.04$ ./configure --with-smtp-server=smtp.yourdomain --disable-diskfree

Set up Apache2

Add this line to /etc/apache2/sites-available/eprints

Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache.conf

and enable the site

$ sudo a2ensite eprints

(this leaves /etc/apache2/apache.conf untouched, making future Apache upgrades easier)

Set up the indexer as a service

$ sudo ln -s /opt/eprints3/bin/epindexer /etc/init.d/epindexer

Make the indexer start automatically when the machine is rebooted:

$ sudo update-rc.d epindexer defaults 99 99

Configure an archive

Follow the steps in the main EPrints documentation to configure an archive.

Restarting Apache

$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload