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EPrints::Handle::CGI - CGI methods for EPrints::Handle


This module provides additional methods to EPrints::Handle and is not an object in its own right.

Look at EPrints::Handle for further information on how to access the Handle methods.


 my $user = $handle->current_user;
 EPrints::abort() unless( defined $user );
 my $epid = $handle->param( "eprintid" );
 $handle->redirect( "http://www.eprints.org/" );
 my $current_page_uri = $handle->get_uri();



 $request = $handle->get_request;

Return the Apache request object (from mod_perl) or undefined if this isn't a CGI script.


 $query = $handle->get_query;

Return the CGI.pm object describing the current HTTP query, or undefined if this isn't a CGI script.


 $uri = $handle->get_uri

Returns the URL of the current script. Or "undef".


 $uri = $handle->get_full_url

Returns the URL of the current script plus the CGI params.


 $secure = $handle->get_secure

Returns true if we're using HTTPS/SSL (checks get_online first).


 $handle->redirect( $url, [%opts] )

Redirects the browser to $url.


 $handle->send_http_header( %opts )

Send the HTTP header. Only makes sense if this is running as a CGI script.

Opts supported are:

content_type. Default value is "text/html; charset=UTF-8". This sets the http content type header.

lang. If this is set then a cookie setting the language preference is set in the http header.


 $value or @values = $handle->param( $name )

Passes through to CGI.pm param method.

$value = $handle->param( $name ): returns the value of CGI parameter $name.

$value = $handle->param( $name ): returns the value of CGI parameter $name.

@values = $handle->param: returns an array of the names of all the CGI parameters in the current request.


 $bool = $handle->have_parameters

Return true if the current script had any parameters (post or get)


 $user = $handle->current_user

Return the current EPrints::DataObj::User for this session.

Return undef if there isn't one.


 $client = $handle->client

Return a string representing the kind of browser that made the current request.

Options are GECKO, LYNX, MSIE4, MSIE5, MSIE6, ?.

GECKO covers mozilla and firefox.

? is what's returned if none of the others were matched.

These divisions are intended for modifying the way pages are rendered not logging what browser was used. Hence merging mozilla and firefox.


 $status = $handle->get_http_status

Return the status of the current HTTP request.