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      <page pageid="2679" ns="0" title="ReCollect">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">[[Category:Bazaar_Package]]
ReCollect is a Bazaar package for EPrints which transforms an EPrints install into a research data repository. Fields are compliant with the DataCite and INSPIRE metadata schema. This plugin was created by the UK Data Archive led Research Data @Essex project ( Thanks to the DataPool project at the University of Southampton ( for their assistance in packaging the plugin. 

ReCollect lowers the barrier for deploying a full-featured and standards compliant research data repository. The only prerequisite is a clean EPrints install. From there, a user with an administrative account can use the EPrints Bazaar option in the System Tools menu to install ReCollect with just one click. 

== Features ==

ReCollect features are too numerous to document here in their entirety, but can be summarised as follows:

* Redesigned Abstract page to present complex data collections, consisting of many files of different types.  

* Expanded metadata profile to describe research data, built on the DataCite, INSPIRE and Data Documentation Initiative (2.1) metadata schemas. The metadata profile used has been published by the UK Data Archive ( 

* Many tweaks to workflow and validations. 

* Revised and expanded field labels and help phrases. 

'''Can I install ReCollect on a pre-populated repository?'''

It is possible to integrate ReCollect with an existing repository; however this would require edits to the code in order to switch back on features that ReCollect hides, namely the Eprint Type selection as the first stage of deposit (e.g. Article, Book, Dataset etc). This is not how ReCollect was tended to be used, so we would only recommend you do this if you are confident working with the EPrints code base.

== Further information ==

The following outputs of the Research Data @Essex project may be of interest to users of ReCollect:

* Research data repository policies devised for the University of Essex pilot (

* User documentation created for the University of Essex pilot, aimed at helping research prepare and deposit data (

* The metadata profile ( used by ReCollect and the mapping on which it is based (

A full report on the development of the ReCollect plugin and the rationale behind it will be published shortly, and a link added here.


Please contact Alexis Wolton with any queries regarding use of the plugin: []</rev>
      <page pageid="1720" ns="0" title="Read Only Directories">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">[[Category:EPrints_3_Reference]]
Certain directories in EPrints really should not be modified by hand. These include...

== Everything under '''[[EPrints_Directory_Structure/eprints3/lib|eprints3/lib/]]''' ==

Plugins may install additional files here, but you should not modify anything. If you wish to override files in the /lib/ dir you can do so in the appropriate cfg dir of your repository. For example, if a file exists in both eprints3/lib/static/style and eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/static/style then only the one under archives/ will be used. 

=== Note on overriding phrases ===

An exception is phrases. Phrases are over-ridden by phrase-id not by filename. To override a phrase, just place a phrase with the same phraseid in any file in your archive cfg/lang/.../phrases/ directory.

== var directories ==

'''[[EPrints_Directory_Structure/eprints3/var|eprints3/var/]]''' and

These contain files '''generated''' by the system and should not be modified by hand.

== Everything under '''[[EPrints_Directory_Structure/eprints3/perl_lib|eprints3/perl_lib/]]''' ==

Don't touch anything under here except the following exceptions...

=== EPrints/ ===

This contains the most general of system settings (such as what user to run as, and what directory it's in). You may need to occasionally tweak something in this file.

=== EPrints/Plugin/ ===

You may wish to add your own (custom) plugins or install some from</rev>